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Quoi ce ser l'amour


Jill Bolte Taylor

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Benjamin Zander Passion and Music

Ramachandran Mirror Neurons


Rick Hanson,  PhD – A psychologist who speaks clearly about neuropsychology, buddhism and life, reminding us of Just one thing in his ongoing newsletter.

BrainPickings – Maria Popova compiles wonderful commentary on books, illustrations, news and culture into her ongoing blog, always a delight to read.

Psych Central – A huge site, filled with information about psychotherapy, research, patient advocacy, clinical conditions, and recommendations on mental health bloggers.

Psychology Tomorrow – Where Psychology and art intersect. An edgy online magazine with musings about, art, dance and psychology. – Nicholas Carr’s blog on technology and its effect on our psyche.

Mind HacksNeuroscience and psychology articles and research. Clear, articulate, and interesting. They read international articles and present the data, results and opinions, along with the links to the original articles in case you want to follow up.

Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry Blog – Research, clinical information on diagnosis, symptoms, medications, etc. Serious, comprehensive.

Furious Seasons An honest and opinionated journalist – Phillip Daudy, with Bipolar Disorder and personal experience in the field, follows mental health policy, psychopharmacology, legislation, and patient advocacy. He tells it like it is and I love him for that!

The Neurocritic – Cognitive neuroscience and psycho-pharmacology served up by a smart, edgy, often non-conventional writer.

Shrink Rap – Three psychiatrists blog on everything from medicare to clinical issues and research. Check it out, smart and honest.

Carlat Psychiatry Blog – Information on latest legislation, medication news, and clinical issues.

Paul Stepansky, PhD – A historian and acholar of psychoanalysis and medicine. Thoughtful and insightful writing on current issues.

Roger Lewin – Psychiatrist, poet, observer…elegant and thoughtful. – A fellow blogger who talks and writes about therapy and how it works, clearly and with wit! – A physician with a heart and soul! Medical information, consultation and newsletter updates on health, lifestyle,anti-aging and more. – Intelligent, inspiring and timely talks on everything from science to design.

Psychoanalysis 3.0 – Reflections on psychoanalysis from a varied group of clinicians.


New York University Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. Training in psychoanalysis for mental health professionals with doctoral degrees, low cost psychoanalytic clinic.

The Mitchell Center. Education and training in relational psychoanalysis, as well as online conferences and courses.